Working together creating a better future for all.

Creating specific food experiences is tailored to the needs of each environment.

We have provided meal services in some of Namibia’s most remote camps, maintaining quality and consistency of food and delivered always with a smile.

A team of dietitians produces a range of different healing menus for specific medical conditions. These are prescribed by Doctors as essential to healing in our hospitals.

A partnership with major government owned institutions, adapting to the changing needs of each environment and delivering quality wholesome meal offerings.

Serving bulk meals in a limited time production window flawlessly, including the serving of highly specialised expat meals.

Service Offering


Welwitschia Catering and Cleaning Services (Pty) Ltd has refined its operating processes by implementing chemical dosing station, which not only improve the effectiveness but also the economy of its chemical products. These state of the art dosing systems also enables Welwitschia to reduce its carbon footprint on the environment. Welwitschia is proud to use biodegradable detergents and chemicals in all its operations.

Our Experience

Welwitschia has a great deal of industry experience through its senior management team with our focus on achieving ISO 22000 compliance through our employment of two qualified HACCP auditors and one “ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001” Quality Management internal auditors. Through our competent staff, we are able to offer our clients health and safety peace of mind and know-how in ensuring and enforcing correct procedures and regulations.

Our People

Welwitschia currently employs a total of 1085 staff members. The company prides itself on the continuous training and development of its employees through on the job training (OJT) by means of competency certification.

Welwitschia also conduct third party training and development in the line with the latest development and trends within the industry providing well rounded competent and motivated staff members. Welwitschia’s focus is to create sustainable career opportunities as opposed to “mere employment” by establishing and retaining long lasting relationships with our clients.

Welwitschia has a team of procurement specialists focusing on procuring the best available products to suit our clients’ needs.

Value Offering and Procurement

Welwitschia believes in “good value for money” in the line with the needs of its clients through sourcing the best local ingredients from local suppliers, creating opportunity and sustainability for Namibians.

We strive to procure 100% Namibian products.

We Strive To Procure 100% Namibian Products.

Health and Safety

Welwitschia Catering and Cleaning services (Pty) Ltd supports the Occupational Health and Safety Act. To ensure compliance in our business with this legislation, we engage in continuous training on accident prevention and constantly update our GMPs in accordance with the latest practices in this field. Over and above all this, we have an internal team that audits operational practices on Occupational Health and Safety in order to drive continuous improvement.

Training and Development

Welwitschia Catering and Cleaning services (Pty) Ltd is the owner of Komesho Culinary Academy. This academy was established in 2008 to equip previously disadvantaged Namibians, to develop culinary art skills of existing employees, and has to date trained 111 candidates. The Komesho Culinary Academy uses the Namibian training Authority’s Training modules. The training periods is prescribed to be no less than six months of practical and theory.

Client Care and Recommendation