Working together creating a better future for all.

We ensures that corporate offices reflect the brand essence and maximise staff retention and happiness. We are trusted with maintaining client data centres that not only transact, but ensure the economic liquidity of entire nations.

Delivering camp management solutions for camps housing, often in inaccessible locations.

Cleanliness and infection control are of paramount importance in healthcare. Every surgical cycle requires sterilisation and a precise use of consumables, detergents and materials.

We uphold the promise that state assets are preserved and enhanced with a view to handing them back to the entity in the future in excellent condition.

The difference is that our process framework is completely tailored for each type of factory or plant.

Service Offering


Welwitschia Catering and Cleaning Services (Pty) Ltd is a proudly Namibian company, which was registered in 1995. Welwitschia is compliant with empowerment legislation and we are rated an excellent contributor towards BEE empowerment to date. Welwitschia has a proven track record of more than 20 years in the catering and logistic supply industry. The company has serviced the Namibian clients with the supply, storage and distribution of consumables and perishables throughout Namibia.

Our Experience

Welwitschia boasts 13 years of experience in the industrial cleaning environment, demonstrating our cleaning competency and effectiveness. Welwitschia also possesses the technical knowledge for the cleaning of medical facilities.

Your Health Is Our Responsibility

We continuously roll out new cleaning techniques and equipment that go beyond the minimum levels required by law. Our hepa-filter vacuum cleaners and CDC-level standards for air purification remove dust and bacteria from the air, creating healthy spaces in which to work.

Our Chemical

All our chemicals are manufactured in an IOS 9001 quality system environment and meet all SABS standard accordingly. Welwitschia strives to stay well informed with the latest developments and trends within the cleaning industry.

Our Chemicals are Manufactured in an ISO 9001 Quality System Environment

Health And Safety

Welwitschia Catering and Cleaning services (Pty) Ltd supports the Occupational Health and Safety Act. To ensure compliance in our business with this legislation, we engage in continuous training on accident prevention and constantly update our GMPs in accordance with the latest practices in this field. Over and above all this, we have an internal team that audits operational practices on Occupational Health and Safety in order to drive continuous improvement.






Client Care and Recommendation